AFTC Code of Ethics

This code of ethics has been established as a guideline for members of The American Fox Terrier Club. Based on the opinions and experience of the membership of the American Fox Terrier Club and drafted by the Ethics Committee, this document was approved by the Board of Governors in June 1997.

Health and Care: Members should provide adequate food, water, shelter, human companionship and medical care to all dogs in their care.

Breeding: Members should conscientiously plan each litter with the intent to improve the breed, and should be familiar with the standard and breed specimens which conform to it. Sire and dam should be free of communicable disease or debilitating congenital abnormality. All bitches should be in good health at time of breeding.
1. No bitch should be bred at first season unless she is at least one year old.
2. No bitch should be bred oftener than 2 out of 3 seasons.
3. No bitch should be bred after 8 years of age except after consultation with a veterinarian.
4. Stud owners should be selective in accepting bitches to their stud dogs and should consider only bitches whose owners can adhere to this code of ethics.
5. Written stud contracts are encouraged.

Sale and Placement: Members shall sell or place Fox Terriers only to individuals who give satisfactory evidence that they will give the dog proper care and attention. Members should provide new owners with care and feeding instructions. Under no condition shall dogs be sold to pet dealers or any other source of commercial distribution. Breeders should adhere to AKC record keeping regulations.
1. Spay/neuter contracts or limited registration should be given with pet quality puppies.
2. Pets should not be sold with "puppy back" agreements
3. Puppies should not be sold before 7-8 weeks of age and should be in good health and up to date on vaccinations.
4. Any puppy with serious hereditary or congenital health problems should be replaced.
5. If a new owner cannot keep a Fox Terrier the breeder shall make every reasonable effort to secure a new home for it.
6. Written sales contracts are strongly encouraged.

Advertising: All advertising shall be factual, informative and free of fraudulent or misleading statements. Puppies should be priced according to individual quality and prices should be maintained so as not to be injurious to the breed.

Conduct: All members should observe a high standard of conduct, displaying sportsmanship, goodwill and friendliness at shows, trials and other gatherings. They should comply with all AKC rules and regulations. They should represent the Club's purpose, participate in Club functions whenever possible, and assist newcomers to the breed in perpetuating the rich tradition of the American Fox Terrier Club.

* * *

According to the Constitution of the American Fox Terrier Club, "any person who favors the objects of the Club is eligible for election to membership." If you would like to become a member of the American Fox Terrier Club and agree to abide by the above Code of Ethics, you may apply for membership by filling out an application. AFTC Membership Application