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The American Fox Terrier Club

Annual Membership Meeting Minutes

October 5, 2012

Holiday Inn, Ft. Washington, PA


The meeting was brought to order at 6:18 PM by President James W. Smith with 31 members signing the attendance roster.  The required quorum of 12 members was met.


President opened the meeting by asking the membership when would be the best time to hold the Annual Meeting? Various suggestions were presented including:

  • Moving the time to 6:30 PM and the dinner to 7:30 PM
  • Requesting 2 rings at Friday’s Hatboro show to allow for earlier judging of both breeds
  • Return to having the meeting during the dinner
  • Having the meeting at a show site during down time

Discussion of the suggestions was held with no definite outcome. Members asked to provide President Smith with other suggestions for further discussion and review.


President Smith asked for a motion to approve the minutes of the previous meeting.  Motion made by Jackie Thatcher to approve the minutes of the October 7, 2011 Annual Membership Meeting as printed in the newsletter.  Second by Sarah Covell.  Motion passed unanimously.


Officer and Committee Reports

President’s Report:  President Smith offered his thanks to the members for their time and efforts during the past year on behalf of the club.  He reminded the members of the history of the AFTC.  Members were asked to introduce themselves.


Secretary’s Report:  Jo Hubbs provided the membership with a written report.  See attached.


Treasurer’s Report:  Susan Hogan reported the 2011 Financial Report was published in the Annual mailed to the membership.  She provided the 2012 year to date report.  In addition, she reported on the annual audit report for 2011.  The audit was completed by Linda Albrecht and her statement will be printed in the newsletter.


Show Coordinator’s Report:  Bruce Schwartz reported the following venues for AFTC Floating Specialties:

  • 2013:  Louisville, KY – March;  FTC of No CA in Sacramento, CA – April
  • 2014:  Louisville, KY – March;  FTC of Chicago in Grayslake, IL – June

Bruce reported that the Louisville cluster clubs work with the AFTC in hiring our judge to do other shows thereby keeping our expenses low.  Other all breed clubs will not use our requested judge.  Bruce explained that puts the AFTC at financial risk for incurring all the expense of a judge and few entries.


Trophy Committee’s Report:  Sheila Thulin reported on trophy costs given the need to purchase trophies for three specialties.  She stated the committee raises funds, in addition to those provided by the Board’s action.  Donations are requested through the annual dues and by other fund raisers such as sale of travel mugs this year.  Bill Dossett commented he would rather see a reduction in trophy costs if it meant the club could hire their requested judge.


President Smith presented new AKC judging approvals which will provide parent clubs with an expanded selection of judges.  Each parent club may select anyone who is occupationally eligible to judge under the rules as an Invited Judge (not currently licensed) to judge at their national or regional specialty (not affiliated clubs). The Invited Judge would judge that one show and would not be eligible for other assignments unless they went through the current approval process.  The Invited Judge may be a member or handler.  Occupational ineligible individuals would include those who solicit or act as salespersons for dog food, dog remedy, or kennel supply companies, solicit advertisements for kennel advertising, are professional superintendents or their employees, and those who buy and sell dogs as means of livelihood.  A judges selection ballot will be sent to the membership for 2015 and 2016 judges and will allow for inclusion of Invited Judges.


Judge’s Education Report:  President Smith presented Rosalind Kramer’s report.  Judge’s education seminars are as follows:

  • Hatboro Dog Club, Friday, October 5, 2012 following Wire judging
  • AKC/Eukenuba, Orlando, FL, December 2012
  • Portland, OR, January 2013


Delegate’s Report: Connie Clark reported on the following AKC activities:

  • Delegates passed the awarding of a 3 point major to the Reserve Winners Dog and Reserve Winners Bitch at one designated national breed specialty each year provided there is 2 times the number of dogs or bitches exhibited to create a 5 point major.  This will become effective in 2013 and is optional for each Parent Club.
  • Meet the Breeds will be held at the Javitts Center in October.  Winnie Stout, Jim Smith, Joe Punzalan and Bob Patenaude will man the booth.
  • AKC is in process of updating the “Complete Dog Book” and is asking for the Parent Clubs to work with the AKC on this project.  The AFTC will follow up with AKC on this request.


A discussion of criteria for holding floating specialties was held.  Points made included:

  • Specialties should be held where majors in exist in both breeds without an AFTC specialty. Bruce stated this would include such venues as Great Western, Columbia Terrier , and Louisville.
  • Consider requests from affiliated clubs.
  • Consider airline travel restriction and costs.
  • Endeavour to refrain from shows in June, July, and August.
  • Designate 1 show as the “third” show for purposes of awarding the Grand Challenge, Homer Gage, and Welwire trophy legs.  This could be a supported entry rather than a specialty.
  • Consider the pool of judges before committing to a specific venue.
  • Remind the membership that judges are hired off their elected lists that they then need to support the entry.


Election Results

Secretary Hubbs provided President Smith with the sealed envelope from the Independent Teller.  The envelope was returned to the Secretary who opened it and reported the results of the Board of Governors election for the class of 2012 – 2016.  The following were elected:

  • Wire Fox Terrier designated members:  Connie Clark and John Killeen
  • Smooth Fox Terrier designated member:  James W. Smith


Unfinished Business

No unfinished business.


New Business

No new business.


President Smith thanked those in attendance for their participation and commitment to working together.


Meeting was adjourned at 6:58 PM.


Respectfully submitted,



Jo Hubbs, Secretary