2007 Combined Title Award Winners

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Awarded To Member-Owned Fox Terriers
Achieving Titles Across TWO Disciplines

Ch. Wrenwood Out of Control NAJ
Smooth Fox Terrier, Owned by Lisa and John Corrigan
Mick is our second generation homebred Champion and second agility title holder. He lives every minute to the fullest and is a fine example of “be careful what you name your dog.” “Wrenwood Out of Control” pretty much says it all. Since Mick seems unaware of where his body is in space and in relation to other objects, he is often on the injured list, which makes training, much less trailing an “on again – off again” project. We are still hopeful that more agility titles and also possibly rally titles are in Mick’s future. We would like to thank the AFTC for recognizing the versatility of Fox Terriers and for the truly thoughtful awards.

Ch. High Mtn Bacardi of Camelot JE
Smooth Fox Terrier, Owned by Kathleen Kilpatrick
After being without a Smooth for some years (How I lived without one I don’t know!) I purchased “B” from Teddy Mc Dowell out of High Mtn breeding and what a pleasure “B” has been. The terrier hunting instinct was evident by 9 weeks when “B” began hunting small snakes, graduating to rabbits. While showing in conformation, I took “B” to an earthdog trial close to home. So off we go!! What a natural!! The first day out we qualified. The next day was the same, but only in ½ the time! “B” was 10 months old. Two months later he finished his Championship. The first weekend out as a special he got a Group 3 and Group 4. What a wonderful start getting back in the breed. Thank you Teddy and Carrie.

Ch. Amaximis High Mtn One Good Punch SE
Smooth Fox Terrier, Owned by Cathy Parker
Buster is my first Smooth Fox Terrier and I am enjoying him to the fullest. He gives 110% of himself in everything we do. His accomplishments since his birthday of 8/18/04 are: Jr Earthdog - 7/30/05, Championship - 8/21/05, Sr Earthdog - 10/29/06. We are training for Obedience and Agility and I have big plans for Buster in these two events. Obedience is my main focus and Buster is showing great promise with his attention and willingness to do everything I ask of him. There are times when his "terrierness" gets the best of him and he runs around as though he has no training at all. When he comes back to earth, we get back to work. He is learning the finer parts of obedience with straight fronts and finishes and really enjoys the retrieving and jumping exercises. The holding still exercises, ie, stand for examine are proving the hardest for him right now. But with practice and age, he will soon be able to stand still, I just know it!
I am taking my time with Buster so it may be a few years before we will be showing in obedience. I hope to be showing in agility by late 2007 and start rally in 2008. Buster's earthdog instinct is outstanding and I plan to continue on and earn his Master Earthdog title. I want to thank Carrie Snavely, Buster's breeder for her grooming expertise and helping me show Buster to his Championship. Buster is a beautiful and striking dog, he will be noticed in the Obedience and Agility rings. UPDATE. Buster and I competed in UKC agility for the first time July 19th and 20th and earned his U-AGI title. We showed four times and qualified all four times with a 1st place, two 2nd placements and a 3rd place. He has excelled every time I've shown him. He is not yet 3 years old and has set the bar high for himself. I am really looking forward to showing off his ability in obedience.

Ch. Foxhunt Homeward Bound NA, NAJ
Smooth Fox Terrier, Owned by Carol L. Perkins
Simon is one of the third generation of my breeding, which gives me great pride in his accomplishments. I have high expectations for him. Agility is the best “fit” for his talents, but he is willing to work in all the other venues as well. Now six years old, Simon has really reached that mental maturity needed to start achieving. It takes a lot of patience and persistence to bring a Smooth to this level. I have great respect for all the dogs and owners earning Combined Title Awards. I share in their pride and joy and look forward to adding more titles to Simon’s resume.

Brookhaven Star Tiara Tita CD, RE, AX, AXJ
Wire Fox Terrier, Owned by Shirley Edwards and Robert Crostic
When we opened the crate in which Tita was flown to us, we were immediately enchanted by her beauty. Impeccably groomed by her groomer she looked warily at her future handlers and adoring owners. It took her about one hour to dominate our older and larger wire. Training began with all those unpredictable demonstrations of her inner terrierness. Trials have been much the same. Some trials are perfect and the blue ribbons come home and at other trials one would think we needed to go back to the drawing board. It is this utter independence of spirit that draws us so closely to her character. Like the day she took the first jump and headed across the field following that wafting smell of hamburger from a concessionaire’s stand. Or the day the toy bins of a vendor’s booth called to her from the dog walk many yards away. And that noisy obedience building that drove her right out the gate three days in a row. There are not enough lizards in our yard to ever satisfy her indomitable huntress demeanor. Had earthdog events been more available to us I’m sure titles would be hers. Tita has more titles to come and her owners get the laughter and appreciation of all that she is. Long live the queen.


Awarded To Member-Owned Fox Terriers
Achieving Titles Across THREE Disciplines

MACH Rapidan This Guy’s Gotta Dance UDX2, RAE, JE
Smooth Fox Terrier, Owned by Ingrid Butt
Tango is the “man” of the house. He has very definite opinions. He dislikes most dogs under 2 years old and being disturbed while sleeping on the couch. He likes the stretching and massages by physical therapist Ria (he moans with pleasure!), his agility partner Denise and his sister Diva (Peanut, not so much). I am very proud of his many accomplishments. He has been #1 Smooth in obedience and finished in the top ten terriers in, first and foremost, points. In 2006, at the National Obedience Invitational in Tampa, he finished 3rd in the Terrier Group with 6 clean rounds. And, last year he was top scoring AFTC Smooth Fox Terrier.

Ch. Quissex Constable McCandless JE, RA, CGC
Smooth Fox Terrier, Owned by Mary B. Smith
Life with Mac is never boring. He’s all terrier. His favorite job is to patrol our farm and dispatch pesky critters. He earned his championship quickly and has been occasionally shown as a special by his beginner handler (me) to many Bests of Breed and several Group placements. Mac has earned his Advanced Rally title and we are working on Excellent, but I need to convince him that during the honor, stay means stay.
His favorite AKC activity is Earthdog. He flew right through his Junior title but his last leg of Senior took a little longer because he figured out that the shortest way to the rats was by the “back door” (false exit). He would perform everything perfectly including the recall, but AKC says the dog needs to have gone through 30 feet of tunnel instead of Mac’s 10 foot shortcut. With a bit more training we convinced him to do it the AKC’s way and he completed his senior title with a run that included an amazing recall time of 4 seconds!
We are thrilled with Mac’s ability as a sire. He has produced two litters with several offspring that are near championship, including the Best in Show Brace at Montgomery 2005. He recently became grandsire to five bouncing, baby boys who made their debut at Montgomery 2007.

Ch. Hiwire Act At Hexham RA, JE
Wire Fox Terrier, Owned by Lucia Hackett
Bella really enjoys training and has a very biddable work ethic. It is especially fun teaching her something new as I see her eyes twinkle, I can just imagine the little wheels in her mind turning as her tail is wagging ……then presto she’s got it and she is so proud. I will be forever grateful to Chip and Sally Lowe for allowing Bella to enter my life 3 years ago. Bella started Career #1 off by going BOS Columbia Terrier Association Show, BOW Cincinnati Kennel Club, then finishing by going WB at the Fox Terrier Club of NE Specialty Show. Then on to Career #2 or Motherhood and 4 kids became champions too. Now it’s on to Career #3 and she is raring to go. Bella enjoys Earth dog and has earned 3 legs towards her Master title. She is a terrier through and through, as we can get a score of 97% in Rally Obedience or we can NQ when she suddenly decides it’s more fun to leave Mom to dive into the box of toys under the steward’s table! Best of all Bella is my Velcro dog or am I her Velcro person? As my first performance dog she is my fair and patient teacher and we are so proud to win this AFTC award. Wish us luck as we only need one more leg towards her CD title then it is on to her CDX. Oh and Bella gets that wonderful twinkle in her eye when I whisper that we are going Tracking in the morning as we snuggle under the covers at the end of the day.

Ch. Cedarbriar Seraphim RN, CD, NA, OAJ
Wire Fox Terrier, Owned by Bonnie E. Lovell and Merrilee Henderson
Spice is my little dynamo! She is quite active (I can hardly keep up to her!). We are on our way to a CDX and will be in Excellent agility. Needless to say, she loves ground work so we are now in tracking. Earthdog is down the road. She is the “spice” of my life.


Awarded To Member-Owned Fox Terriers
Achieving Titles Across FOUR Disciplines

There were no Standing Ovation Award recipients for the 2007 award year.


Awarded To Member-Owned Fox Terriers
Achieving Titles Across FIVE Disciplines

Am/Can Ch. Dar-Lu Hear The Commotion CD, RA, NA, OAJ, ME, TD, CGC
Smooth Fox Terrier, Owned by Michele Luther and Cheryl Marks
Kramer now joins the elite group of only 4 to have the honor of earning this prestigious award. Ch Midsummer Fast Eddie CDX TD MX ME, Ch Silverglen’s Imperious Max CDX NA TD JE and Ch Foxhunt Montgomery CD AX OAP AXJ OJP TD JE and their breeders, owners, trainers and handlers became my inspiration to set goals beyond the basic titles. Kramer’s Championship and the Master Earthdog titles came easily and swiftly while the obedience, agility and tracking titles took more training and time but were also earned with ease and enthusiasm. As Kramer’s breeder, trainer and handler I am very proud of all 11 AKC and 2 Canadian titles he earned along the way and thank everyone who coached, encouraged and cheered us along the way. Good boy Kramer!