2013 Combined Title Award Winners

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Awarded To Member-Owned Fox Terriers
Achieving Titles Across TWO Disciplines

GCH TES Topwyre a Beautiful Mind JE
Lori Yotter
GCH TES Topwyre A Beautiful Mind JE lovingly called "Eleanor" was born August 11, 2009. Her Sire is Ch Topwyre Candy Man and Dam Ch TES House of Provocation. She spent her first 18 months with Linda Hembree then came to live with us in April 2011. She is a wonderful girl and was great fun to show. She has a lovely coat and beautiful head. Eleanor is a natural at Earthdog and earned her JE title very quickly. She had one litter of puppies, with 2 of her offspring in the show ring now. She is a wonderful dog!
  GCH TES Crack the Code JE
Elise Singer
I have shown in conformation for several years but just started Earthdog trials a couple of years ago. GCH TES Crack The Code JE “Russell” is my first Grand Champion and first Earthdog. His sire is Ch Topwyre Candy Man and his dam is Ch TES House of Provocation, neither of which have any performance titles. Russell’s first attempt at the Intro level of Earthdog was questionable at best. Of course the best and easiest way was to go around, not through the tunnel. But the switch flipped and he was off. He loves it. Russell earned his JE title very quickly and also two legs needed for Senior. But alias the season ran out so this Fall we are off to get his third leg for his Senior title. Then I’ll have to think about going for his Master title!! The little guy also did me proud by winning his Novice A Rally class at our first Rally/Obedience Match put on by the Wire Fox Terrier Club of Central States show in May. We may have to pursue that venue also. I think I’m hooked!
CH Fyrewyre Legally Blonde RN
Rebecca Malivuk
CH Fyrewyre Legally Blonde RN "Reese" was bred and finished by Al Pertuit. Reese is also the wonderful mother of my boys, Berry and Stetson. Reese has been a joy from the moment she walked into our lives. Besides running the household she is also an avid hunter and protector of our property. Because we can appreciate the intensity of her special job we are able to laugh about the two sets of brake lines she bit through on my husband's truck while protecting it from nature's little critters. Back in the show ring Reese and I have earned AKC Rally obedience titles. She is a crowd pleaser! Judges grin from ear to ear watching her enthusiasm and Wirey character shine thru as we pass each station. The advanced levels have given us a little more challenge in that all the extra tricks, spins and twirls don't always earn us extra points, but she is pure joy out there. Many obedience judges refer to her as the "little wind up doll". We are going to continue to play in Rally and Obedience and she already has one Beginner Novice leg. Her best skills are mothering her boys and being our little princess. Thank you again Al for entrusting her with us. She is so very special.
Afterall Hiwire Kona King CD TDX
Barbara Bonner
Kona has been very busy with Obedience, Tracking and Rally. Marian Lazzara trained and handled him to his CD and now they are working on Graduate Novice and Rally. Penny Kurz did the same for him in Tracking where he earned his TD and TDX and is now aiming for his VST and CT. When he achieves that title he will be only the second fox terrier to do so following his "roomie" Krafty! He loves training because of the skill of his instructors and works very hard to please them. We have hopes for future accomplishments.
  Nordic White Knight CD RN TD
Melissa Knapp, Susan Altmeyer, Michele Luther
Nordic White Knight CD RN TD "Dusty" is the third Smooth with which I have trained and competed. He is exceptionally athletic and smart, and loves to learn anything that involves a clicker and treats(!) including most of the Open and Utility exercises. A natural tracking dog, Dusty is training for his TDX and VST titles. Earthdog and Barn Hunt trials are also in the future for this talented boy.
  MACH2 Gator's Little Gal CD MXS MJC2 XF
Denise Visco & Richard Reynolds
Gidget is Lexie's daughter and is our first home agility champion. The journey has been an adventure since I decided to try to teach her running contacts which were nice for her early agility career but then one day she started to leap. Thus she has always been an awesome Jumpers dog, but any course with an A-Frame has become our achilles heel. We have tried many different methods and she has phenomenal contacts in training but falls back in shows to leaping. Her leaping/bouncing ability also showed in obedience. After a lot of training to get Gidget to heel without her signature bounce and to keep her chest and elbows down during the down stay exercise I finally decided to show her. Needing one leg for her title I entered a nice one ring show in April. After completing the stay exercise and knowing that she had just earned her title I was waiting for the award of ribbons. However on this day there was a run off for a placement. The first dog was called back in and while they were performing the heeling exercise I was talking to my instructor who said that I should get ready. I told her that there was no way it was us. The team finished and left the ring and the judge called the next number which was us! We entered the ring and did the pattern and left. Finally the judge called all those who had qualified into the ring and to my surprise called our number for lst place. I was shocked since I never see Gidget while we heel so I have no idea how we are doing. She finished her CD title with all placements.
  MACH9 Silverglen's Electric Shock CD RN MXC3 MJS4 MXF T2B
Denise Visco & Richard Reynolds
Well what I can say about Lexie. She was a once in a life time dog who taught me so much. She loved to train and just plain be with me. She told the world she was there and showed them that this just over 14 inches, 16 lb SFT was a force to be reckoned with. She left me January 19, 2013 and a day does not go by that I do not remember something that she did and how much she touched my life and the life of many others. Throughout her career she earned many firsts and ended her AKC agility career with 14,865 points and 180 QQs.

Some of her accomplishments include: 2004 Top Terrier in agility; 2004 Springfield ISC Regional Midi Class winner; First SFT to earn MACHs 4 to 9; Qualified for all AKC invitational’s ranked #1 except 2012 when she was second; Invitational -2011 finished 8th after 4 rounds, 2010 and 2009 finished 19th; Qualified for every national from 2003 to 2013; Nationals: 2007 finished 21st, 2008 finished 20th and 2009 finished 26th; Qualified to attend world team try outs from 2003 on and earned a placement at her first try out in 2003; SFT Clean Run 60 weave pole challenge record holder; won the Grand Prix at Fair Hill. Three time winner of the AFTC Fast Eddy Award. The memory of Lexie, AKA Gator or Gator Girl fondly lives on in my heart.
  CH Bellewoods Legacy Lightyear CA
J. Lynn Gamarel
Living with Ch Bellewoods Legacy Lightyear CA "Buzz" has been a real life changer but a change for the better in every way. Buzz is by far the most affectionate and loving canine companion I have ever met. He literally follows us wherever we go. As a youngster he was crated at night but it wasn’t long before he made it clear he did not want to be in his crate and found his permanent place in our bed, snuggled close always. Our love is mutual and we feel lucky to have such a beautiful and loving Smooth Fox Terrier.

Buzz began his conformation career at about 1 1/2 years of age and finished easily with 3 majors. We next tackled Coursing Ability and Buzz was the first Smooth in the USA to receive the 1st leg of the Award. We had two more CA events scheduled over a two day weekend and were hoping to be the first Smooth to win the CA Title ever but something funny happened. My husband Harry was the handler and I stood ringside to observe. Buzz ran the first 300 yards perfectly but as he passed the gate to complete the next 300 yards, he looked up and saw me standing there. Buzz came right over to say Hello... happy to see me as if I had been away all day and just came home again and in so doing, lost his opportunity to win the ribbon that day! He competed the next day and I stood well out of Buzz’s sight so as not to distract him again and he did win the 2nd leg that day. Our next opportunity to earn the 3rd leg of the title was more than a month away and in that span of time, his dam was actually the first Smooth in the USA to win the CA Title. I guess if you are the loser, it’s best to lose to your own Mum " Mimi" GCH Bellewoods Lumiere ME CA. Our next adventure will be Earthdog so stay tuned for more news in the coming year.


Awarded To Member-Owned Fox Terriers
Achieving Titles Across THREE Disciplines

  GCH Smywyre Covert Operation RN JE
Robin & Thomas Rumery
GCH Smywyre Covert Operation RN JE "Topper" really enjoyed earthdog practice and trials. As with most terriers he quickly figured out the shortest distance to the quarry was to follow his nose over the course rather than going to ground. Many thanks to Mrs. Norma Mullins, she had the answers of how to get the ever independent Topper to follow the rules.
  CH Kottas Lord Admiral Preston RN CA
Oralee Adams
CH Kottas Lord Admiral" Preston" RN CA is the son of GCH Enchantment Lady Bentley O'Santerric CDX RAE CAA . Preston is a pleasure to show in conformation and obedience like his mother Bentley. He can go between the different rings without problems. Preston is always up to anything old or new. He wants to please and tries so hard that you can't help but laugh at his idea on how to work. When he tore off a toe nail lure coursing he still wanted to go again. He just screams to go again. It doesn't matter what we are working on, he wants his turn first before my other dogs. I want o thank Linda Goddard, Lareen Kegel and Darle Heck for their breeding program. I was able to finish Preston out of the bred by class, which is a first for me. He is my second champion. I also want to thank Connie Cleveland for her continual working with us in obedience and having faith in us.
  GCH Enchantment Lady Bentley O'Santerric CDX RAE CAA
Oralee Adams
GCH Enchantment Lady Bentley O'Santerric CDX RAE CAA is my first wire. I never realized how much fun you can have working with a dog. I am so pleased that I was entrusted with her by Lareen Kegel. Bentley and I have spent many an hour training, showing and relaxing. I have spent many miles on the road going to shows with her. She loves to show and she can put on a show. Bentley does the Joy Joy dance with her glove in the utility class for the audience. We have had people stop watching conformation to watch her doing her dance. Ring stewards hope she will do the JoyJoy dance since they laugh so hard as it breaks up their day. Bentley is slowly getting ready to show in agility. She screams for agility and lure coursing. I am so enjoying her and her son. Wire fox terriers are GREAT.
  Fyrewyre's Berried Treasure RE CAA ThD
Rebecca Malivuk
Fyrewyre's Berried Treasure RE CAA ThD "Berry" has been truly a treasure indeed. Berry received special recognition from TDI for his dedication and love for therapy dog work. AKC Rally was a breeze for him and earned many placement ribbons along the way. He enjoys free style dance, performing tricks and entertaining the folks at the nursing homes. He is my constant companion. I believe his second passion in life though is running the all breed lure coursing events. He can be heard from parking lots screaming for his next run. We plan to continue training and showing in obedience and rally and lots more lure coursing! Al Pertuit bred this lovely litter and I am so very grateful to have this boy in my life.
  Antitiem's Stetson CD RAE CAA ThD
Rebecca Malivuk
Antitiem's Stetson CD RAE CAA ThD "Stetson" is one truly active little man. With three majors we are finishing up his AKC Champion title. Stetson loves to compete in lure coursing, obedience and rally. He easily finished his RAE with many placement ribbons. Stetson is a phenomenal therapy dog with his team mate and half brother Berry. We are now getting ready for the AKC Open ring . Being his breeder, I also felt it was of great importance to take him to an American Temperament Test in which he passed with flying colors. There are many stations and you as the handler may only carry the leash and in no way talk or communicate with the dog during the test. Gun shots rang out, a scary strange man with a whip and bags of garbage approached us and he stood his ground protecting me. As they say " a sound mind in a sound body". Stetson has a bright future ahead of him and looking forward to wrangling a few rats in earth dog, completing our AKC CH title and many more runs in lure coursing.
  CH Briteworks Gulf Voyager ME ThD
Suzanne Placer & Elizabeth Reinhardt
CH Briteworks Gulf Voyager ME ThD "Jibb" has been a wonderful dog and companion. In addition to getting his Championship with 4 majors in two weekend of shows, he sailed through all the levels of Earthdog. He did therapy in the rehab section of our local hospital for over nine years only recently retiring. He worked with brain injury, stroke patients and amputees every week. He learned to fetch (and return the ball this required the most work!) scoot and pace himself next to the patient or their walkers. He was infinitely patient with hands that were learning to work again and feet that bumped him. He is the first WFT to earn the AKC Therapy Dog Title. As he sleeps at my feet while I am typing this, he knows how proud of him I am!
  CH MACH DDV's Bold Todhunter CD MXG MJB2 XF T2B
Denise Visco & Richard Reynolds
CH MACH DDV's Todhunter CD MXG MJB2 XT T2B "Hunter" was a natural in the show ring demonstrating a lot of confidence and finishing his championship easily. We then started agility and here he lacked confidence and after breaking his start line he would search and find a tunnel and then come back to run with me. Many of the early runs I ran with my shoe laces untied as he left and came and grabbed and untied them always with a smile on his face. After years of struggling with start line stays, I finally said the heck with it and just started to run with him. By doing this we have finally become a team and he finished the 2013 year as the #1SFT for the AKC agility invitational, something that I never thought we would accomplish. He completed the Companion Dog title but did not enjoy obedience and so after training into the Open level we stopped. Hunter has always been a natural at what he was bred for, exterminating vermin and is well known at the barn we train at for his hunting prowess after one Winter he decreased the rat population by 2 rats in less than 10 minutes. So our next adventures will be into Barn Hunt!
  CH Sheffield Simon SEZ ME RATN
Sharon Yon
This has been a very busy year of training as usual. I dived into Rally and Obedience with Simon . The new sport Barn Hunt has certainly awoken some of his natural prey drive which, with Earthdog, we knew we had already had. He was quick to earn his Barn Hunt Novice title. We are now competing in the Open class which you have to locate 2 rat tubes amongst several others that contain bedding and another empty. This sport is TEAMWORK, you must know how to read your dog. I'm just proud to say Simon has excelled in this sport and can't wait to move on to the other levels. He is surely a versatile Fox Terrier.
  CH High Mountain Morning Mist JE RATN
Rus & Gracia Hall and Carolyn Snavely
On June 1, 2013 "Misty" made us very proud as she received a title in what the Smooth Fox Terriers were bred to do – Barn Hunt. Misty has done everything we have ever asked her to do. She has not only strutted her stuff around the conformation ring, has gone to ground in the Earthdog and is also accomplished in Barn Hunt. The latter two she really enjoys. Misty gets completely focused on finding the tube with the vermin in it and does not give up. If she has to go between two bales of straw upside down she will do it. Misty puts her whole heart into the hunt. We are so happy and proud that Misty owns us! Smooth Fox Terriers are such a joy to own, be around, be a family member and are clowns to cheer you up.
  CH Broquet High MountainTimberline SE RAT
Rus & Gracia Hall and Carolyn Snavely
On July 26, 2013 "Timber" Ch Broquel High Mountain Timberline SE received his Barn Hunt title at Boulder, CO. We are very proud of this young dog doing what he was bred to do – Barn Hunt. Timber has done everything that we have asked him to do. Just like his dam – Ch High Mountain Morning Mist JE RATN. He has really strutted his stuff around the conformation ring. Has gone to ground in Earthdog and now the latest accomplishment of Barn Hunt. Timber has really enjoyed the latter two events as he has a chance to be off leash and do what he and his ancestors were bred to do – hunting vermin both above and below ground. Timber like his dam puts his whole heart into the hunt. Again we are very proud that Timber owns us! Again Smooth Fox Terriers are such a joy to own, be around, have as a family member and being a clown to make you laugh and cheer you up.
  GCH Bellewoods Bonhomme SE CA
Mary Lynn Machado
Cracker is Mary Lynn’s 5th Smooth Fox Terrier to earn the Senior Earthdog title. He earned both his Junior Earthdog and Senior Earthdog titles in less than 2 months time. Not to be outdone by his older sister Mimi, Cracker is the second Smooth Fox Terrier in the country to earn the Coursing Ability title. In the breeding department Cracker has more than lived up to Mary Lynn’s expectations that she had of him as a youngster. At not even 4 years old he is the sire of several National Specialty winners, including BISS GCh High Mtn Everso Smooth, ‘Sly’, the Best of Breed winner at Louisville in 2013, and the winner of several Regional Specialties. At the time of writing ‘Sly’ is also the #1 Smooth Fox Terrier in Breed points. Cracker is game for anything and is a sensible, loving dog to live with.
  GCH Bellewoods Lumiere ME CA
Mary Lynn Machado
For last year’s Versatility Awards ‘Mimi’ had earned her Junior Earthdog title. This year she added Senior Earthdog and Master Earthdog, earning both titles less than 2 months time. Her Master Earthdog title was earned with 4 successful back to back qualifying runs. Mimi is Mary Lynn’s third Master Earthdog titled Smooth Fox Terrier. Next up was the new Coursing Ability events and Mimi earned the CA title with ease, and she is the very first Smooth Fox Terrier in the country to hold that title. Also notable is the fact that she is a Grand Champion, and all three kids from her first litter are AKC Champions. Mimi is an outstanding example of the versatility that Smooth Fox Terriers offer. She is a wonderful ambassador for the breed and is a fabulous dog to live with. Check out her YouTube video ‘Mimi Goes To Work’.
  CH Windfall Thomas CrownAffaire ME CA
Mary Lynn Machado
Not to be outdone by the youngsters in the house, Mary Lynn brought almost 11 year old Casey to experience the fun of lure coursing. Casey has always been extra speedy and nimble and she earned her CA title easily with back to back qualifying runs, with times almost as fast as Mimi and Cracker who are several years younger. Casey is a half sister to ‘Tina’ – Ch WeDigit Sunlyn Centerfold – the top producing dam of all time, both sired by Aus.GCh/NzCh/Am Ch WeDigIt Black Tie Affair, ‘Tommy’, Mary Lynn’s first show dog. Casey is also the dam of GCh Frenchpark Moon Of Wintertime JE, ‘Luna’, the only Smooth Fox Terrier to ever go Best In Show while holding an Earthdog title. Like her sire, Casey is the consummate show dog and still, at 11+ years old parades around the house and yard head held high and proud.


Awarded To Member-Owned Fox Terriers
Achieving Titles Across FOUR Disciplines

  Sqwires Hot to Trot RN JE NFP OA OAJ MXP MJP JE RATN
Becky & Steve Heiner
Hank has had an incredible year. First, he beat cancer and went on to compete in the 2012 AKC Agility Invitational earning the second fastest time in his Time 2 Beat class. He was also the 2012 AKC Top PACH Wire Fox Terrier. Hank became the first wire to earn titles in the new sport of Barn Hunt. We are currently competing in Barn Hunt, Lure Coursing, Obedience and Rally. Despite all of his accomplishments, Hank hasn’t lost his sense of fun. Just the other day he nipped at most of the Rally signs in his Rally Advanced class while still managing to earn a qualifying score. It’s been a great ride with my Novice A dog that took me all the way to the AKC Agility Invitational proving once again that Wire Fox Terriers can be versatile performance dogs.
  CH Hiwire Pinball Wizard RN JE ThD
Rich & Maggie Schmude
Bing takes after his mother, Ch Hiwire Act at Hexham (Bella) in that he has earned a number of titles. Despite some medical related to tick diseases and knee surgery Bing's incredible spirit has never let him down. He loves doing performance work and is currently enjoying Barn Hunt and Earthdog. His sweet nature makes him a great therapy dog and he particularly likes reading with children at our local library and they love him too! Along with his housemate Phoenix, he has brought great joy to our family. A bit of a clown, he makes us laugh every day, especially when he climbs on Rick and refuses to stop giving him kisses. Bing and Phoenix are much-loved family members.
  CH Hiwire Act at Hexham CD SE RE RATN
Lucia Hackett
I am so proud of my Bella that at 13 years young, we are still continuing to share adventures and she was able to put her cancer episode in the past. With her spirit and high prey drive she was able to easily earn her Novice Barn Hunt title and is showing great promise at the Open level. We continue to enjoy teaming up each Earthdog season and she has accumulated 18 qualifying legs ....got to love that good recall from the rats!! I still have to pinch myself that she played "Snoopy" in the movie Moonrise Kingdom as that experience was a once in a lifetime wonderful adventure for both of us as she got to rub paws with some superstars. Bella is the dog of my heart and I am so proud and lucky to be at the end of her leash in the Veteran Breed ring, Obedience and Rally rings, waiting for her at the end of her earthdog runs, watching her leap over bales of hay in Barn Hunt and just simply living life together. This year we are thrilled that her son Bing is a combined title winner also.


Awarded To Member-Owned Fox Terriers
Achieving Titles Across FIVE Disciplines

There were no Standing Ovation Award recipients for the 2013 award year.


Awarded To Member-Owned Fox Terriers
Achieving Titles Across SIX Disciplines

There were no Fox Hunt Award recipients for the 2013 award year.


Awarded To Member-Owned Fox Terriers
Achieving Titles Across SEVEN Disciplines

There were no Accolade Award recipients for the 2013 award year.


Awarded To Member-Owned Fox Terriers
Achieving Titles Across EIGHT Disciplines

There were no Hurrah Award recipients for the 2013 award year.