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The American Fox Terrier Club regards the health of our breeds, along with temperament, to the

highest standards. Our code of ethics states that, “Members shall follow the recommended health

testing through the CHIC program, established by the AFTC”. What this means is that the AFTC has

established some areas for specific health issues that we feel are prevalent in our breeds. In order to get

a CHIC number through the Canine Health Foundation, members must submit the test results to them

and when all required tests are complete, a CHIC number is issued for that dog. Information on the

Canine Health Information Center program can be found at akcchf.org.

For Smooth Fox Terriers, it is required to have patellas checked to make sure they do not luxate

inappropriately. The patella is the kneecap, and when it luxates, it can cause lameness issues. The second

issue for Smooths is cardiac clearance. This is to make sure they do not have any audible murmurs.

The Wire Fox Terrier requires both patella and cardiac clearances, as well as VDEGS testing. Van

den Ende-Gupta Syndrome can cause severe skeletal abnormalities. The good news is that this disease

can be avoided through testing potential breeding dogs.

The relationship between a breeder and potential home should be a mutually beneficial

relationship. Both should be asking questions to ensure a successful match for any new puppy or dog

coming into your home. It is encouraged to ask health questions relating to our breeds. You may find that

a breeder also does additional testing as they see fit pertaining to what they find to be relevant in their

bloodlines. Each breeder should be using the health tools we have available to do their part to produce

the healthiest dogs we can.

Sales and Placement

At the time of sale, seller shall furnish health, medical records, AKC registration or transfer

documents to the buyer. These must be provided unless written agreement is made at the time of sale or

transfer that these papers are to be withheld.