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2015 Combined Title Award Winners


Awarded To Member-Owned Fox Terriers Achieving Titles Across TWO Disciplines

CH Steele Phoenix with Brookhaven AX AXJ

Torie Steele, Joe Punzalan, Bob Patenaude “Meg” is the only pup born of GCH Ironhills Steel Rampage x Ch Steele Mandalay with Brookhaven. Torie Steele trusted Bob Patenaude and myself with Meg because she knew Meg was very special. Meg finished her conformation title early and soon after produced beautiful conformation puppies along with loving family pets. Meg works as a breed ambassador with ACK’s Meet the Breeds in New York City and Southern California. In 2014 at the age of 7 Meg started her agility career. We instantly learned agility was her performance sport. In a few short months of training Meg earned her Novice, Open & Excellent titles in Standard & Jumpers with Weaves. She currently holds qualifying runs towards her Master Agility titles. Meg made the top agility breeds invited to the 2015 AKC Agility Invitational in Orlando. Earthdog and therapy work are planned for this amazing little girl.

CH Beinnein Sirius of Starwyre RATN

Lori Yotter CH Beinnein Sirius of Starwyre was bought from Darle Heck in Calgary, Canada. I got her at four months of age. She has always been a handful. She is the most athletic dog I have ever had. With that being said she is also one of the smartest. She finished her Championship title October 10, 2014 at Nashville Tenn. She earned her RATN title on July 27, 2014. We are one leg away from her RATO title if she doesn't out smart me. Siri was the number one Owner Handler Wire Fox Terrier in 2014. She has had 2 litters and in the first litter produced GCH Starwyre Canis Minor, and now in her second litter has Starwyre Procyon who has 4 pts at seven months of age. Very proud of her! We do obedience now and will start agility in January 2016. She is a fun dog!

GCH Broquel's Sparkle N Shine JE Rus & Gracia Hall On February 14, 2014 GCH CH Broquel’s Sparkle N Shine “Angel” started her show career by attending the Denver CO cluster. She completed her AKC Championship at the Cheyenne Kennel Club, Cheyenne, WY August 31, 2014. In the meantime, Angel started her Earthdog career by getting her JE title in one weekend. Then in September she earned 2 legs of her SE title. May 23, 2015 Angel earned her Grand Champion title under Mr. Joe Tacker at the Laramie Kennel Club Dog show in Laramie, WY. This was accomplished before she was 2 years old. Angel has done all of this with very limited showing. Her sire is GCH CH High Mountain Everso In Command who is now in Australia and her dam is GCH CH Kaltoba One Rainy Day. Cameron was bred and owned by Richard and Carolyn Snavely. Rainy was also owned by Richard & Carolyn Snavely and is now owned by Rus and Gracia Hall. Angel has been a joy to have and work with since she was a puppy as she wants to learn new things, catches on so fast and wants to please you. Although her call name is Angel, at times she is no Angel!

GCH Morgansonne Marco Dar-Lu JE Michele Luther, Ruth Edwards & Sharon Clark Marco’s first show was at 13 months wining BOB and a 4 point major then finishing with 3 - 5 point majors over at Fox Terrier Fanciers of Puget Sound a few weeks later. Entered as a new special that Fall he won back to back groups then an Award of Merit at the National Specialty at Montgomery County BOH. The following year Marco earned his first JE leg along with more group wins and placements. Marco then went to Mexico where he became #1 Smooth Fox Terrier 3 years, #1 Terrier 2 years and #3 All Breeds. Also earning other CH titles in Costa Rica and Panama. We brought Marco home when he was 6 and after a well-deserved rest Marco hit the ring again earning more group placements and his GCH title over Montgomery County weekend 2014. One day later we had Marco entered in the National Earthdog Tests in New Jersey and he made us all proud by remembering what Earthdog was all about and with much enthusiasm completed his JE title.


Awarded To Member-Owned Fox Terriers Achieving Titles Across THREE Disciplines

Ch Aljamar Fairie Dealing CD RATN Judith Warling & Marilyn Laschisnki & Janice Rue Fae finished her Championship about 2 years ago and had a litter of puppies, then I got her back into the obedience. She got one novice leg of her Barn Hunt last year at Central States and she also got her first leg on her novice obedience with a 3rd place. We then came home and went to another Barn Hunt trial she got 2 more legs for her RATN and the fastest dog that day too! In November, team Warling went to the Car Dun All Obedience trial and got another leg toward her AKC CD title with a first place. I was shocked when they called the qualifiers back into the ring and announced that dog # 224 was 1st place! I'm looking around for a Golden or a Border and everyone started laughing and my friend pushed me forward saying "silly, that's you! We had a score of 196. I almost fainted. High in trial was a score of 196 1/2. The next day we returned and got the last leg, but I was disappointed as we only had a score of 191 1/2 and only fifth place. Goes to show how you can get a BIG HEAD with one big win. Seriously I was glad we qualified at all. I have been lucky with my Wires, they love to show-off in the ring and Fae has been the happiest little girl I have had.

CH Buchanan Self Interest at Quisssex RN NA Patricia Nangle “Dwight” earned his CH title prior to his coming to live with me in April 2012. By April 2013 Dwight had completed the AKC requirements for his RN title. In May 2015 Dwight achieved his first Novice B Standard Q’s and earned his NA title. Then in the span of a couple of weeks he also earned his NAJ title too! Dwight’s journey to his agility titles was quite the experience. Our goal is to continue to train in agility - loving it all the way! For a picture of Dwight Pat shares that his picture is on page 16 of the Spring 2012 AFTC Newsletter.

GCH Morgansonne Tanner Dar-Lur JE RATO Susan Altmeyer In August of 2014, during the Fox Terrier of the Puget Sound’s Specialty weekend, Tanner completed the requirements for his RATO title. Our next goal is Tanner’s Senior Earth dog, for which he is currently training after which we’ll work toward earning his RATM title.

GCH West Meade Miss Demeanor at Maxim CAA RATS Lynda McGuire & William Nosbisch MarLee has brought so much Joy and Fun into our lives. We started performance events in September 2014 for the very first experience after many years in conformation. We made a decision to find ways for our Smooths to have fun! MarLee earned her CH in style with a BOB over specials and a group placement. She also completed her GCH and a BOS at a Specialty. She has enjoyed hunting since puppyhood. She has earned Barn Hunt titles through RATS. She also has earned her Coursing Ability Title and Coursing Ability Advanced Title. We never dreamed after so many years in the breed how much our dogs would enjoy competing in performance.


Awarded To Member-Owned Fox Terriers Achieving Titles Across FOUR Disciplines

CH Sheffield Simon Sez RN ME RATO Sharon Yon & Donna Longaker You came into my life a little tan and white bundle of joy along with your brother Saxon. It’s been a wonderful journey with you. I only wish we had a little more time. You always would work 180% completing any task I asked you. We had fun together. I handled you to your Championship with assistance of some wonderful friends when I was disabled. You would wait for me to come to you in the ring at conformation as I was using a cane. You earned your JE before your Championship. This was so wonderful an accomplishment. Then we did obedience which I was horrible at - you would always make fun of me! Ha Ha the fox terrier smile you'd give. Sit stay… “No”… just like your predecessors, you'd be right up and with me. So off to Rally to have some fun, and you did. Our instructors were wonderful. You earned your RN title in UKC in a weekend. But you made me work for the AKC RN title. Last February during the trials you refused to sit and I cried like a baby because you were so bad. But I didn't give up with the help from my SMKC family and more training not only did we get the RN title but we got 1st place! You were my best friend my wonder dog! We did NoseWork!!! OH wow was that fun. You were so fast at finding the tins I couldn't keep up with you. In March I noticed a lump on your cheek/neck. Soon thereafter you succumbed to lymphoma. You were an awesome dog and I can't say how much I miss you. Fortunately, I have 2 babies of yours and Ashley to continue in your steps. You have passed on your intelligence my boy. Thanks for being in my life and loving me.

GCH Dar-Lu Giovanni CD RN JE RATO Michele Luther & Susan Altmeyer Gino now 4 years old starts every day asking me what we are going to do next. He loves class, practice, travel, dog shows and competing and he favors his training bags, leads, clickers and treats over his toys. He is the 5th Smooth which I have trained and competed with beyond CH titles and my first Grand CH Smooth. As Gino’s breeder I’m most proud of his AKC CH titles however his CD and JE and the other titles were earned with hard work and just plain fun for us both. We’ll continue to train for Tracking, Agility and advanced Obedience, Rally and Earthdog titles along with Barn Hunt and will introduce Nose Work soon. We are very fortunate here in the Northwest to have wonderful trainers, supportive competitors and a wonderful dog sports community. Thank you AFTC for honoring our Smooths and Wires for their versatility.


Awarded To Member-Owned Fox Terriers Achieving Titles Across FIVE Disciplines

CH J Lynn’s Shaken Not Stirred RN JE CA RATO Patricia Greaves "I am looking to place a 4 year old male Wire Fox Terrier. He is a friendly retired champion. He has started obedience work and has his RN title. He would like to be someone's only dog. If you know of any one please have them email me”. Thank you, Jesy Wahlsten! I was intrigued by the ad. If anything ever happened to Glory this would be an older Wire that I'd want. Within a month Glory died. I kept the ad and contacted Jesy and the rest is history. James Bond became my dog. I first entered him in Earthdog. He got his JE title fairly easy. Senior became a challenge and I didn't have the time to work on it. From there we went to the "new" sport” of Barn Hunt. He earned his RATN title at last year’s Central State’s trial. Then this year he received his RATO at CS. Sometimes I think he just enjoys jumping all over the hay bales and occasionally finding rats. Having fun is what it's all about. Talk about fun we got our CA title last year and then this year he got his CAA in October. What dog doesn't like to chase a white plastic bag? James Bond has even been shown as a Veteran at CS with the help of Michael and Jordan Water's grooming help. Win or lose we have fun just showing this Veteran off. James Bond has a job besides all his fun activities. He comes to work with me every day at the Post Office. I am a Postmaster and all of my customers young and old love him. I have a lot of his ribbons hanging up in the Post office. All of my customers think he's the best dog in the world and I agree. I was so lucky to get James Bond from Jesy.

CH High Mountain Dueces's Wild RA NA NAJ NJP JE RATN Clara Good Duece earned his RATN title three days before his 10th birthday qualifying in three out of four shows in Denver in February 2015. His third leg was a lst place with a time of 22.56 seconds. He is so into this game digging and barking when he finds the rat. He loves Barn Hunt and we will continue to play this game.


Awarded To Member-Owned Fox Terriers Achieving Titles Across SIX Disciplines

There were no Fox Hunt Award recipients for the 2015 award year.


Awarded To Member-Owned Fox Terriers Achieving Titles Across SEVEN Disciplines There were no Accolade Award recipients for the 2015 award year.


Awarded To Member-Owned Fox Terriers Achieving Titles Across EIGHT Disciplines There were no Hurrah Award recipients for the 2015 award year.

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