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2017 Combined Title Award Winners


Awarded To Member-Owned Fox Terriers Achieving Titles Across TWO Disciplines There were no Versatility Award recipients for the 2017 award year.


Awarded To Member-Owned Fox Terriers Achieving Titles Across THREE Disciplines

CT Afterall Hiwire Kona King CDX RAE2 Barbara Bonner & Marian Lazzara With the unending patience and skill of two extraordinary trainers and handlers: Marian Lazzara in Obedience and Penny Kurz in Tracking, Kona has overcome his innate fear of almost everything. He became an outstanding performance dog. We are all very proud of him.


Awarded To Member-Owned Fox Terriers Achieving Titles Across FOUR Disciplines

CH High Mtn One Point Two One Gigawatts RN RATN TKN Clara Good & Carolyn Snavely Pebbles earned her RATI title first time out at 8 1/2 months and the RATN title in three straight trials the same weekend. She won championship points in CO, MN and PA, topping it off with BW at Morris and Essex in 2015. Took time out to have puppies, bred to GCHB High Mtn Warfox High Noon at Foxterity, and she is watching the show results for son Marty's wins. Another good weekend, passing RN in three straight shows in May, 2017. Her best trick while earning her TKN was tunneling through an 8 1/2-inch cardboard tunnel. We are taking classes for future events. She loves her cookies, toys and any ball, large or small. Many thanks to Carolyn and Richard Snavely, breeders, for this "Back to the Future" JR daughter.

RATCH Jadee Poetry for Lady CDX RN OA OAJ AJP AJP MXP Holly Jedlicka & Linda Hembree Niki has always loved to hunt, so when I was introduced to the sport of Barn Hunt, I knew we had to give it a try. As with all the canine sports we have participated in, Niki provided me with many learning opportunities. She never missed until about half way through her Senior title, when I discovered like many other very smart terriers, she decided that the critters outside the ring may be more interesting, or there are never rats in the tunnel, so why go in it. The most interesting thing about Barn Hunt for me was learning how to work as a team when the dog is the leader. Lots of fun and I am very proud of my girl’s RATCH. Niki will turn 12 in September but still loves to work so more Rally is in her future. We will also be trialing in Utility Obedience. I just know the girl can do it.


Awarded To Member-Owned Fox Terriers Achieving Titles Across FIVE Disciplines

Hiwire Winking at Life CD RE MXB MJB RATO TKA

Karen Grettler Wink is so incredibly sweet that she is easy to love. Her favorite place to be is in my arms! We’re facing some challenges with our MACH quest but I remain confident we can do it. Trick dog training and testing was an adventure. If you want to have a fun evening together with dog people, gather your friends and their dogs, bring a bunch of equipment, and simply play! All of the fun helped Wink to earn her Novice, Intermediate, and Advanced trick dog titles in July. The opportunity to take Tracking lessons under a superb trainer presented itself two months ago so we are now tracking. Wink is eager to find her articles and is proving to be a promising tracker. I trust 2018 will hold more special times for me and Wink. I will be retired and so our days will be full of agility, obedience, barn hunt, tracking, and our favorite – hiking.

GCH High Mtn’s Lightning Thief CD RE TKI RATN Annika Dechert & Carolyn Snavely Percy is our first Smooth Fox Terrier, and we brought him home after be friending Rus and Gracia Hall and Carolyn Snavely. My family raises Rhodesian Ridgebacks, but I wanted to try a small dog who had a little more fire than our mellow hounds. We got fire alright! I sometimes compare showing Percy to having a tiger by the tail. He finished his championship easily, but competing in juniors was a challenge since it was always a mystery what Percy would do in the ring. Terrier judges don’t mind if Percy wanted to investigate the baby crying ringside or the birds flying through our ring; however, junior’s judges tend to frown on that behavior. Whatever the outcome, Percy and I always had fun in the ring and had some memorable successes. After I finished high school and left for college, my mom decided to try Percy at some performance events. Needless to say, there were some challenges. Percy is extremely intelligent but often has a mind of his own, or just found something more interesting to do than an off-leash heel or an automatic sit in obedience. But, Mom and Percy persevered, and Percy now has his rally advanced, companion dog, trick dog intermediate, and barn hunt novice titles. Good boy! Next on their list is agility, earthdog, and CAT, so stay tuned for more to come!


Awarded To Member-Owned Fox Terriers Achieving Titles Across SIX Disciplines

CH High Mountain Duece’s Wild RA NA NAJ NJP JE RATN TKN Annika Dechert & Carolyn Snavely Duece will be 13, February, 2018. He has earned 11 AKC titles and 4 Teacup titles so far. We are still a work in progress He continues to go to drop in agility because he loves it. He is retired from active agility, rally, obedience and barn hunt competition. But there are options for a senior citizen and we are looking into the possibilities. Duece has always been a social butterfly, loves the neighbor’s grandchildren, any person or dog he meets, and greets them all with enthusiasm. He loves chasing front end loaders, school buses, trash trucks and any large vehicle that makes the proper noise, from behind his fence, of course. Thanks to Carolyn and Richard Snavely, his breeders, for showing him to his championship just a few short years ago. It is a pleasure to share our lives with the Dueceman.


Awarded To Member-Owned Fox Terriers Achieving Titles Across SEVEN Disciplines There were no Accolade Award recipients for the 2017 award year.


Awarded To Member-Owned Fox Terriers Achieving Titles Across EIGHT Disciplines There were no Hurrah Award recipients for the 2017 award year.

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