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2016 Combined Title Award Winners


Awarded To Member-Owned Fox Terriers Achieving Titles Across TWO Disciplines

CH RCK Highway 20 Ride BCAT

Lynda McGuire, William Nosbisch, Lucille Harrison, CC Harrison"Zac" finished his Championship with a Best of Breed over specials. He was Best in Sweeps at AFTC 2015 Floating National at Louisville. Zac is the First Smooth Fox Terrier to earn a Fast Cat Title. Fast Cat is a new AKC coursing event. It is a timed 100-yard dash, points are calculated based on speed and handicap. Zac has garnered the first level title called BCAT. He just earned his DCAT which is the 2nd level title pending AKC approval. He is pointed towards the third level title FCAT also. We are having a great time playing with Zac!

CH Smoothridge Déjà Vu CA/BCAT Lynda McGuire & William Nosbisch “Deja” has earned her AKC Championship Title and Coursing Ability Title. In June, she earned her BCAT title in the new AKC Fast CAT event. She is currently ranking in first place for her timed trails in the breed. Deja was bred by Debbie and Eddie Jeffries

GCH Kaltoba’s One Rainy Day RATN Rus & Gracia Hall First off I would like to thank Carolyn and Richard Snavely for the opportunity for Rainy to come live with us. Rainy is an only daughter of Ch. High Mountain Bright Idea, another great sire of Carolyn and Richard Snavely. She has been a joy to live with and has developed a very close bond with Shannon, our daughter. Just like other Smooth Fox Terriers she is a clown when she wants to be. Rainy quickly obtained her Grand Champion title with a couple of Group 2’s and has produced five conformation champions: Ch. High Mtn. Warfox Thundersnow (Tippy), Ch. High Mtn Warfox Thunderroll (Tiger), Ch, High Mtn’s Lightning Thief (Percy), Ch. Broquel’s Celtic Warrier (Dillon) and Ch. Broquel’s Sparkle N Shine (Angel). Of the five Champions, four are Grand Champions. Rainy earned her Barn Hunt title of RATN in three runs on the same weekend.

CH High Mtn One Point Two One Gigawatts RATN Clara Good & Carolyn Snavely CH High Mtn One Point Two One Gigwatts RATN, also known as Pebbles, is my third Smooth Fox Terrier. Pebbles lives up to the terrier name by catching or retrieving snakes, rabbits, mice etc. often dropped in the yard for her pleasure by magpies or red tailed hawks. She is bred by Carolyn and Richard Snavely and co-owned by Carolyn. Pebbles is sired by CH High Mountain Bright Idea SD (JR) and her dam is CH Clayco High Mtn Classic Lady. She was BW at Morris and Essex, October, 2015 and finished her championship February 2016. Pebbles passed Barn Hunt Instinct first time out and earned her Barn Hunt Novice title at 8 1/2 months old in three straight trials. We are training in Open Level Barn Hunt so that I can learn when she tells me "RAT". Wonderful new sport for all breeds but especially terriers. Looking forward to an eventful year with her as she starts some serious training in agility and rally/obedience and an introduction to Earthdog.


Awarded To Member-Owned Fox Terriers Achieving Titles Across THREE Disciplines

Hiwire Winking at Life RA MX MXJ RATO Karen Grettler Karen shares that Wink is a sweet, stable girl; versatile performance dog; a pure joy to live with and a true ambassador for the breed!

GCH High Mtn Divine Design at Tralen CA RATN Tracey & Leonard Luty & Carolyn Snavely Devin came into our kennel of Irish Wolfhounds as a young pup but immediately started running the household with his clowning and cuddling with the IWs. They let him get away with about everything. Devin’s first foray was into the show ring and he soon learned to love it. Then we tried coursing ability tests and he loved that too. Having competed in lure coursing with my Irish Wolfhounds for 25 years, I knew what was in store for that event. Devin flew around the course like a sighthound and earned his CA quickly. He has a few legs toward his CAA but we haven’t been able to get to tests that are in fenced areas. Next we tried Barn Hunt. I had never even attended a barn hunt but decided to try it with him. Devin did great but I was a nervous wreck. I had to learn to relax and let him do what comes naturally. He earned his RATN in May of 2015 and loves to look for the ”ratties.” We cannot pass by a pole barn at a fairground without him wanting to go look for ratties.


Awarded To Member-Owned Fox Terriers Achieving Titles Across FOUR Disciplines

There were no Applause Award recipients for the 2016 award year.


Awarded To Member-Owned Fox Terriers Achieving Titles Across FIVE Disciplines

GCH Dar-Lu Giovanni CD RX NAP NJP SE RATO Michele Luther & Susan J. Altmeyer Another year has gone by and new titles earned. Gino continues to tell me that there is more to do and we should get up and get going! He still loves class, practice and new challenges and of course he especially likes travel and going to the dog shows, trials and tests. We are still working in the field with a goal toward a Tracking Dog title and Master Earthdog and I feel it is just a matter of time. He is my best friend and is always at my side. Thank you AFTC for supporting the versatility of our Smooths and Wires around the country. Michele Luther and Sue Altmeyer breeders/owners


Awarded To Member-Owned Fox Terriers Achieving Titles Across SIX Disciplines

There were no Fox Hunt Award recipients for the 2016 award year.


Awarded To Member-Owned Fox Terriers Achieving Titles Across SEVEN Disciplines There were no Accolade Award recipients for the 2016 award year.


Awarded To Member-Owned Fox Terriers Achieving Titles Across EIGHT Disciplines There were no Hurrah Award recipients for the 2016 award year.

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