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Board of Governors

AFTC Membership,

Listed below are the three people nominated for the board of governors upcoming election, as submitted by the nominating committee consisting of Martin Krailik, Michele Luther and Darci Brown.

Brittany Ann McKeown-Boldt (Smooth)

Jan Ritchie-Gladstone (Smooth)

Sheila Thulin (Smooth)

Section 4 - AFTC Constitution: Additional nominations of member in good standing my be made by written petition addressed to the Secretary and received at his/her regular mailing address on or before July 31st. Such petition must be signed by at least 10 members and be accompanied by the written acceptance of the nominee. In order for an individual to be nominated in this manner, there must be at least one upcoming vacancy on the board in the same breed that this individual has chosen to represent. No other nomination can be considered.

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